Jerry Morris, PsyD, MsPharm, MBA

MB (Marc Braman, MD, MPH):
First of all, most people don’t really understand psychology or how it fits in with medicine and especially lifestyle, so I wanna spend just a little extra time introducing our core expert in this area, which is Dr. Jerry Morris. Dr. Morris has degrees that include a Doctor of Psychology, a Master of Science in Pharmacy, a Master of Business Administration. He has board specialty certifications that include medical psychology, family and medical psychology and a number of others. Professionally, Dr. Morris has been very active in The American Psychological Association, chairing the largest committee, the Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Committee for 11 years, as well as a number of other committees, including rural and finance. He’s a former president of the Missouri Psychological Association, former president and current executive director of The American Board of Medical Psychology. He’s authored scores of scientific articles, book chapters and books.

Clinically, Dr. Morris has owned and operated mental health hospitals and community centers. He has run residency training programs and is presently consulting medical staff with three different medical surgical hospitals in various primary care centers. So, Dr. Morris is extremely well qualified not only in psychology but also medications, business and the interface with the regular healthcare system.


Jerry Morris, PsyD, MSPharm, MBA

Dr. Morris is former President and current Executive Director of the American Board of Medical Psychology. He has owned and operated mental health hospitals and community centers and has run residency-training programs. He has managed clinical programs that treat lifestyle related diseases and is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

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