The Lifestyle Medicine Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to informing the public and health care practitioners about lifestyle medicine. We accomplish this through evidence-based LifestyleFACTS web content as well as through other methods of outreach. Our goal is to broadly disseminate educational, scientific and research information about lifestyle medicine to help patients live vibrant, high quality and healthier lives. In practice, this means we produce compelling media and presentations to:

  1. Explain what lifestyle medicine is.
  2. Provide understandable evidence to support it.
  3. Compare its therapeutic effectiveness and how it works with conventional therapies.
  4. Offer understandable and actionable steps that the public can use to adopt positive lifestyle medicine behaviors including those related to diet, exercise, stress management, smoking cessation, weight management and a variety of non-pharmaceutical treatments.
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We are a non-profit providing lifestyle medicine education to the public at no charge. Help us on our journey to change the world and millions of lives through lifestyle medicine!